Friday, April 03, 2015

Monday, March 24, 2014

Manatee headed down the Silver River (footage: Mark Emery)

Manatee at the head spring, Silver River. Footage: Mark Emery

More gorgeous manatee footage by Mark Emery (Thanks, Mark!)

Wood Duck Pair

Apple Snail Eggs

Apple Snail Eggs Macro

Can someone identify?

Grooming session / essential monkey relaxation.

Juvenile explores his world.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome Back, volunteer Sally! (alias, "Ranger Lady") Now that the docs have got you all put back together, we hope, the River will finish the job of  making and keeping you well!

Volunteer Phyllis being recognized for her heroic effort which saved the life of a huge turtle attacked by an alligator. All on her own, she rescued, transported to a vet, and found a "retirement" home (a small private pond) for this cooter who was so damaged (lost an eye) that he could no longer survive on the river.

Our lives would be so much easier if everyone would READ, UNDERSTAND, and COMPLY with these simple rules. In fairness it must be said that MOST people do. They are there for good reasons: safety and protection of both people and wildlife. Ignoring them creates DANGEROUS animals, (monkeys, alligators) which must then be dealt with: Wakes undermine the roots of ancient cypresses which then fall across the river.

Small gator tackles a big fish. He finally managed to swallow it.

Swallow tail kite.

This limkin is one of a pair, building a nest across from the boardwalk where the Swamp Trail ends at the river.

Why is this snapping turtle in a tree? I have a possible answer and would like confirmation from an expert.

Look closely. The infestation of leaches on his neck is drying out in the sun and will probably die, if he stays out for a while. Does he know this? Is it instinctive? Or are snapping turtles much smarter than we ever thought?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Statement of Mission

 The blog is mostly about seeing the amazing and unique WILDLIFE so USE THE SEARCH BOX FREELY! Click any image, once for enlargements, twice for HUGE enlargements. 

Tell your friends, especially those in Florida to sign the "Floridians Clean Water Declaration" and call their elected officials to demand the preservation of this world treasure. If no one acts, it's a certainty that the precious water that recharges what was once perhaps the largest group of springs on earth, will disappear in your children's or grandchildren's lifetime. 

Fight back against the greed that would "legally" steal this water for the few. It's your water, our water, our children's water! 

Feel free to download and share. Just give me credit, please. Access THE ARCHIVES (click on "older posts" (below!) LOTS of Photos. Years worth! Have fun! Learn and teach others to love, protect and defend our precious aquifer while we still have it!

Four nice captures by volunteer, Pam Reed

A moment of drama on the river, sad for the lizard, good for the heron. That's the way nature works. (Photo: Pam Reed)

Pensive monkey, chewing on a piece of grass. (Photo: Pam Reed)

Osprey (Photo: Pam Reed)

Feral Hogs. (Photo: Pam Reed)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

River Patrol Shots: January 25th and 26th

Quite surprised when I blew this up to find that this hawk was about to eat a small turtle like the one in the next picture!

So from the last photo we now know that this size turtle is fair game for a swooping hawk.

Peek-a-boo alligator style.

Head shot the same alligator.

Moore Hen and heron.

Moore hen couple.

Moore Hens have colorful beaks (bright red) and ankles!

Reaching for the sun.

So many different ways to see an alligator.

Drying out and reaching for the sun.

This little guy was paying attention to me. Not a good sign. It might mean he's been fed by someone, which if it continues might eventually mean his death sentence. DON'T FEED AN ALLIGATOR. IF HE BECOMES USED TO

Gator in the grass.

This is what he did when I came closer. He is only a couple feet long now, but what if this continues when he gets to be eleven or twelve feet! Alligators are normally totally passive around people UNLESS they have been teased or fed.

These are his siblings. They are always around this same spot near the gate to the paddle canal.

Clear flow, sandy bottom (near a boil). It would be great to see the whole river like this again. Let's hope "sonification" works! (and that people will stop using fertilizer and pesticides on their lawns; it all winds up here).


So still; almost a mirror.

One of the nicest paddle trails that can be found anywhere.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Volunteer Wendy catching the classic Anhinga dry out posture.

Sun Loving basker doesn't give up his spot no matter how close we get!

Still day.

Reflections of a glorious day!

Under the bridge.

Banded water snake (non-poisonous) is always around here but this is the first time I got to see him.

Anhinga among the branches.

Checking out the glass bottom boat.

An old friend almost always on this log.

Florida Fall colors!

 A rare treat to see such vivid leaves in these warm climes.

Whats left of this boat now belongs to the wildlife... usually plentiful here.

What used to be...

Surprisingly well hidden for such a big guy!

Still, sunny days always make a  mirror of the Silver River

Up in the woods!

Peek-a-boo heron!